Monday, May 25, 2009

I hate to always start my posts with, "It's been a while..." but here we go again. It's been a very busy month. Melissa, Nana, Nate, and I took Anna to her first Astros game.

Aunt Nana bought Nate a new bike. We slapped some training wheels on that puppy and away he went. We rode all the way down to the park without incident, but on the way back he fell. He now refuses to get back on. We finally got him to ride down the street tonight, so there's still hope.

Anna is starting to smile...

Nate's learning how to use a camera...

And cruises the lake often with his girlfriend Sophie.

Yes, it's been a full, fun month indeed. To top it off, Grandpa Smith arrived in town today. Anna's baptism is next Sunday, so he's staying the week with us. Anna met her grandpa for the first time in her life today. As you can see, she was very happy.

Nate is happy to see his grandpa, too!

We'll have many more pics and stories coming soon, as Anna's baptism is next Sunday and our families will be coming together to celebrate. Until then, have a great week!