Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nate Moments

Melissa has been keeping a journal of "Nate moments" that are especially memorable. Maybe it was something funny or cute that Nate did, or maybe something really special that we don't want to forget. We were reading through a few of them last night and it brought us a lot of joy. I thought it might be nice to spread that joy. Hope this brightens your day...(thank you Melissa for taking the time to write this stuff down. It's priceless!)

Daddy gave you his cell phone to play with tonight. He pressed "key lock" on the phone so that you couldn't hit the numbers and accidentally call someone. Somehow you were able to call 911!!! Daddy had to get on the phone and tell them you called by mistake.

You discovered the moon tonight. You kept looking at it, smiling and saying "moo".

Today you threw daddy's I-Pod in the toilet.

May 2008
I cannot believe how much you've changed in the past couple of months! You are talking so much. You started the "mine" phase. The other day it was raining outside. Daddy took you out to watch it and you said "my rain".

June 2008
I love how when you want me to pick you up, you say "my hold you".

Today you pointed to the sky and said Jesus. I asked you where he lives and you said Heaven.

September 2008
Well, it seems that you have an imaginary friend! His name is "giant" and he mostly stays outside. When you hear him, you say "Shh....what's that noise?" You also like to look around the house for him. You told me his favorite food is spaghetti!

October 2008
You were a cowboy for Halloween. Whenever I'd ask you what a cowboy says, (expecting you to say "yeehaw, stick em up, etc) you would say "moo".

Mommy, daddy, and mimi took you outside to look at Venus and Jupiter shining brightly in the sky. You wanted daddy to "lift me higher so I can touch them". Then mommy asked you to say Jupiter and you did! Then, mommy asked you to say Venus and you proudly and loudly said "penis". We all had a good laugh!

January 2009
Don't ever, ever, ever, ever bite the tiger.

You are so clever and witty. You were singing, "A pirate says aargh. A pirate says aargh." A la The Backyardigans (a kid's tv show). Then you sang, "A pirate says are...we going swimming?" You wanted to go swimming really bad that day.