Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anna's 6 Month Pictures

Melissa took Anna to get her 6 month pictures today. We're so proud of our beautiful baby girl!

Also, a video has been added that I made Melissa for her birthday. It's listed below in the videos section. It's kind of long, but bearable if you like country music...and us!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Trying to Catch Our Breath!

Well, I keep starting out our little updates with something along the lines of, "we've been so busy...", and it seems like every month gets busier and busier. So, instead of starting out with the same ole story, I'll quit stating the obvious and get right to the news.

We'll start out with some somber news. Melissa's grandfather was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. He and his wife live in Arizona, but have since moved to Texas to be close to family. We are glad to have them here. He underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor, and we have a lot of prayer warriors out there helping him along the way. For those of you that have been praying for him and us, THANK YOU!!! Please keep it up. Anyway, we love havng them around. Nate and Anna especially love spending time with their great grandparents. Papa always manages to make Nate laugh!
My parents gave Melissa and I about 20-something hamburger patties and buns left over from a party they recently had at their house. As you know, they are quite the party animals. It would've taken us a year to eat all of the food they gave us, so we decided to have a neighborhood party. We invited a bunch of friends that live on our street over to our house to help us dispose of the food, and we had a blast.

We celebrated Melissa's 29th birthday in August. She was blessed to be able to spend it with her grandparents.
We've had lots of visitors come down to see Melissa's grandfather. His two sisters and all of his children made a trip down to Texas to check on him. We've really enjoyed their company. Here are a couple of pictures of Melissa's cousins, Jillian and Jake, with Nate and Anna.

Melissa started a new job teaching at a private school here in town. She's really enjoying the work, and the school has a daycare for Nate and Anna, so she gets to stay close to them.

I was offered a sales position at a wholesale lumber company based out of Pittsburgh called Snavely Forest Products. After 5 years, I resigned from Bison and took the job. I'm really enjoying it and couldn't be happier.

Melissa, Kristina, and I begain training for a half marathon that will take place next year at the Houston marathon in January. I felt my age when I suffered a stress fracture only two weeks into my training. Melissa and Kristina are going strong. I will begin training again, late in September.

Also, after much prayer and consideration, we joined a new church. There is a link to their website in our "Our Favorite Sites" section. Please check it out when you have time. It is a wonderful place, and we are very satisfied with the move.

I just thought we were busy before. August proved me wrong. Religion, family, and work made sure of that. God continues to bless us in abundance!

Willie and Melissa