Friday, February 12, 2010

Since Christmas...

Get ready for the largest update this blog has ever seen! No, we haven't dropped off the planet, but time gets away from us every once in a while. We've been running full throttle the past couple of months, which has kept us away from our monthly updates. I told myself before the end of 09 that I would do a better job of frequently updating this site. There goes one of my New Year's resolutions. We'll start in December...

The Eickenhorst Family Christmas took place right after Melissa's grandfather passed away. There is a slide show in the Videos section if you would like to check it out. As always, we had a lot of fun.

We got dressed for church one morning and realized that we were put together well enough for our Christmas cards. So we decided to attempt a family picture at church. Mistake. The kids would not cooperate. We were right in front of a Christmas tree at the entrance to the church with folks flocking in for the service. Nate ran off and Anna was busy looking at all of her adoring admirers instead of the camera. Meanwhile, I'm trying to hold it together. Evidence below. Can you tell what I'm thinking in the first picture? Anyway, we ended up getting a photo good enough for our Christmas card.

More church stories...
On Christmas Eve, our church has a special service for kids where they sing children's Christmas songs, have snow blowers, and a special sermon geared towards children. We were having a great time up to the very end. They handed out glow sticks to all of the kids to break and light up during Silent Night. I'm holding Nate as the song begins, and we light up our sticks. As the lights begin to dim, suddenly, Nate starts vomiting all over himself and me. I run out of the church as quickly as possible, trying to catch all of the vomit before it falls to the carpet. We get outside and I start gagging while our pastor tries to help me remove my vomit covered sport coat. Nate's standing there covered from head to toe looking at me like someone just shot Rudolph. Luckily we had clothes to change into because we were going straight to Papa and Loulou's afterwards to celebrate Christmas with them. Melissa bought Nate and Anna matching Christmas pajamas for the occasion, but on the way over there, Nate threw up in the car all over them. That's why you'll see Nate in an oversized t-shirt in the next set of pictures. He was a trooper and wanted to have Christmas even though he was sick.

Christmas morning was absolutely wonderful. We are truly blessed and had a peaceful and vomit-free morning as a family.

Melissa's family made it over to our house later that morning.

Shortly after Christmas we celebrated my birthday.

And Anna ate her first spaghetti dinner.

Melissa's dad flew down from Michigan for a visit over the New Year.

In January, Nate had quite a birthday celebration. What is typically a day turned into a week long celebration. Papa, Nate, and I, along with the Love family, went to Monster Jam at Reliant Stadium.

Melissa and I and our families all pitched in to buy Nate a brand new swing set. Dad and I put it together just in time for his actual birthday.

Anna felt left out, so we let her play, too.

We had a party for Nate and his friends at Pump It Up. We had tons of fun.

And, finally, as most of you probably know, dad and I are opening a funeral home in Conroe. We hope to open the doors by April. It's kept us quite busy, lately, and hopefully will continue to, but we'll do our best to keep everyone up to date with the latest news. Please keep us in your prayers as we pursue this call.

And that, family and friends, is the short version of our lives for the past couple of months.

Till next time,
Willie and Melissa